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Beschichtungsgerät für Grids, 1 Stück

Film Casting Device for TEM Grids including Formvar solution and TEM Grids

Sku: E71305-B

Available in a low-priced bundle!

Film Casting Device
incl. 1 bottle optionally Formvar solution or powder
incl. 100 Standard Gilder Grids*

The Film Casting Device produces uniform thin films of formvar, nitrocellulose or Butvar directly on microscope slides, which can be subsequently transferred onto TEM grids.

*Excluding gold/molybdenum grids and special grids like Finder, Folding, etc.

Bundle: UranyLess (30ml) + Lead Citrate (30ml)

Bundle: UranyLess (30ml) + Lead Citrate (30ml)

Sku: E22409-B

Together what belongs together!

Uranyless is a new non-radioactive staining reagent as alternative to uranyl acetate. A newly composed lanthanide Mix allows fast staining times. Uranyless is suitable for classical and negative staining procedures. The 30ml dispenser bottle is sufficient for staining of up to 1500 TEM grids.

Lead Citrate is a commonly used metal stain for ultra-thin sections for electron microscopy. The Lead Citrate – Ready to Use Solution is ideal as counterstain for samples stained with UranyLess to enhance the contrast. The ready-to-use solution is also filled in a 30ml airless dispenser bottle.