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Gradient Station inkl. Halter

The Gradient Station™

This hybrid instrument performs both gradient forming and fractionating.

The Gradient StationTM is two distinct instruments combined into one compact, fully functional hybrid. One forms density gradients and the other fractionates them after centrifugation. The performance of these two elements, is identical to the original instruments, the Gradient Master™ and the Piston Gradient Fractionator™, which are detailed below.

Gradient forming: in less than two minutes, you can produce 6 identical, linear gradients using a patented process we call tilted tube rotation. It is easy, fast and highly reproducible.

Gradient fractionation: after spinning your sample in an ultracentrifuge, the fractionator breaks it down into fractions for further analysis, while measuring the UV profile during fractionation if desired. Other features include light scattering band visibility for documentation and individual band recovery, precise distance-based fractionation with 10µm resolution, and air and liquid injection into the tip of the piston to remove residual sample and clean the tubing between fractions and runs.

For the Gradient StationTM are different tube holders, trumpet-tips, different MagnaBaseTM tube holders and  long or short caps (rate zonal / isopycnic) available. Any tube holder comes with a registration key and includes run parameter developed by the manufacturer. Many spare parts, like valve repair kits, are also deliverable on request.

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Gradient Station™ Grundgerät

Gradient Station™ Base Unit

Sku: B153-002
The Gradient Station™ is a robust system for making 6 identical linear gradients and fractionating your ultracentrifuged samples within minutes. It combines the Piston Gradient Fractionator™ and the Gradient Master™ in a single instrument. All features, parts and supplies of the single instruments are included.