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Piston Gradient Fractionator

The Piston Gradient Fractionator™


  • Clean and easy fractionation
  • No puncture of the tube
  • High resolution by patented TrumpetTM Tip system
  • High precision and reproducibility
  • Illumination system to visualize bands
  • Integration of UV profiling (optional)
  • Cleaning in between fractions
  • Interchangeable tube holders for all common tubes

BioComp’s incomparable Piston Gradient Fractionator™ is the world’s highest resolution fractionator. It is the first and only gradient fractionator to work by displacing the gradient from the top down with a special piston, producing fractions from 10μm to the entire gradient.

As an optional accessory for the Biocomp Gradient FractionatorTM different tube holders and trumpet-tips are available. Other parts, such as valve repair kits, are available on request.

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