Comparative Table

Feature PT-X
Controllers Tactile only   Tactile only  Computer and tactile  Computer and tactile
Computers  No  No  Yes with 546 mm touch screen  Yes with 546 mm touch screen
Section counter  No  On controller  Controller & monitor  Controller & monitor
Advance totalizer  No  On controller  Controller & monitor  Controller & monitor
Section thickness  5nm to 4.999nm  5nm to 9.999nm  5nm to 15.000nm  5nm to 15.000nm
Cutting speed  0.1 - 49,9mm/sec  0.1 - 99,9mm/sec  0.1 - 99,9mm/sec  0.1 - 99,9mm/sec
Memory channels  4  4  5  5
Stereomicroscope  Zeiss Stemi 2000  Zeiss Stemi 2000  Zeiss Stemi 2000  Zeiss Stemi 2000CS
Camera  No  No  No  1.3 MP USB camera
Video display  No  No  No  Full-time on touchscreen
Report generator  No  No  Yes - with data base  Yes - with data base
Diagnostics & set-up  Diagnostics only  Diagnostics only  Both on computer  Both on computer
Help menu  No  No  Yes-on computer  Yes-on computer
Skype-based tech support  No  No  Yes-on computer  Yes-on computer
Cutting window  LED indicators  LED indicators  VisutracTM Display on monitor  VisutracTM Display on monitor
Cutting window settings  Control buttons  Control buttons  Buttons & touch screen  Buttons & touch screen
Foot switch  No  Yes  Yes - dual, cut and trim   Yes - dual, cut and trim