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We provide stage micrometers and calibration scales from Pyser and EMS used for calibrating light microscopes and imaging systems. The micrometers and scales are available for transmitted and reflected light with various scales for metric and imperial measures.

For the majority of the products we further provide certificates of calibration, traceable to International standards for customers where traceability of calibration is required (NPL, UKAS). The certificates from UKAS and NPL calibrations mainly fit the requirements of NIST, DIN, DKD, Cofrac, Accredia, NABL and all other National Metrology Institutes (NMI), and provide compliance for ISO/IEC17025 and ANSI/NCSL Z540-1.

All calibration products made from Pyser are produced to exacting standards with high resolution imaging to ensure well defined line edges, uniformity of line thickness and excellent pattern integrity.

Customizable Products – We offer custom-made solutions that suit the requirements for the application. Please don’t hesitate to contact us:

Please find interesting and further information about Stage Micrometers, Eyepieces Scales and Magnification Aids in our Info-Box.

20% discount on all Pyser Stage Micrometers until 31st of December 2017. 20% discount is already deduced from the list price.

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