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Ultra-flat, holey carbon-coated support grids for (cryo-)TEM. They are manufactured without plastics, therefore clean upon arrival and without any residue to contend with. C-flat™ grids are available in 200, 300 and 400 mesh sizes as well as with thicker coating and in gold. They´re also ideal for single-particle cryo-electron microscopy (EM).

This carbon coated film on a broken pattern consists of woven-mesh-like holes of different sizes and shapes. This type of pattern provides support but does not interfere when observing specimen sections. (Lacey Carbon)
A thin carbon coating with numerous round holes of various sizes. (Holey Carbon)

EM Resolution
Ultra-thin Graphene Oxide (GO) films offer new potentials for TEM applications compared to existing film coatings: with GO monolayers the background contrast can be decreased to less than half of that of ultra-thin carbon films enabling an increased resolution for TEM.

These Mesh products are affordably-priced, durable, non-organic, low scatter support grids for quantitative TEM and X-ray analysis. When seeking the highest possible resolution, DuraSiN™ Film and Mesh products provide the ideal platform for imaging and analysis.

This is a superior quality holey carbon support foil with pre-defined hole size, shape (i.e., circular, square, hexagonal) and arrangement. It is supplied on either copper, nickel or gold and has a standard thickness of about 12nm.

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