Notes regarding your order


If you don't find the items you are looking for in our online shop, you can enter the product numbers and names of the products in the comment field at the end of the order process. Items that you've seen in our catalog or that you've ordered from us before are, of course, still available for you to order.

Catalogue -Numbers, Package Contents, Discounts

Please never enter the package contents in your quantity column. Simply the quantity of package units is required.

One and the same product can appear under different catalogue numbers. This is simply a different package unit. Please note: Larger package units are already discounted. There can be no further discounts on the particular catalogue number unless you order a very large amount of that.

Minimum Order Value

In principle, Science Services does not accept contractual offers of orders under Euro 25.00 (excl. VAT). Please extend your order. (The relation of the cost of goods and cost of transport as well as the level of bureaucracy will stay in a reasonable range.)


All prices are exclusive of packaging, transport and transport insurance fees as well as the VAT valid at the time

Goods shall be delivered at the prices agreed upon. Where a price was not explicitly agreed upon, the current price list of Science Services shall apply. In principle, we do not grant discounts unless explicitly agreed otherwise.

Returning Goods / Cancellation

For cancellation and restocking a lump-sum of 10 percent of the value of goods will be due upon declaration of consent by Science Services. Returns may not be made without prior notice to Science Services.

We shall not take back any products that require special storage, e.g. below room temperature. Custom-made goods of any kind shall only be taken back to some extent and only in exchange for a credit note.

Buisness customers

Our offer is aimed exclusively at business customers.

Warranty / Liability

Obvious defects of goods shall be notified in writing without delay, but within three days of receipt of goods at the latest. Hidden defects shall be notified immediately upon discovery, but within 12 months upon receipt of goods at the latest. Where defects are not notified in due time, goods shall be considered as having been accepted.

Terms and conditions

Please view our Terms and Conditions.