Our wide range of products covers almost any material requirement for microscopy in life sciences and materials sciences. The ultracentrifugation product range includes ultracentrifugation tubes and equipment for gradient mixing and fraction recovery.

For many years we have cultivated strong relationships with selected specialists. We are convinced of the quality of our products and will professionally advise you.

If you still need a product that has not yet been added to our portfolio, please contact us. We will research and work out a quote on this product promtly.


Research and development of advanced technologies require advanced microscopy techniques.

Our program with over 15,000 articles offers high quality products for the most specialized areas of microscopy.


We offer systems for gradient mixing, fractionation and analysis by BioComp Instruments and are their central european service partner. With products from Seton Scientific we deliver high-quality, affordable tubes for ultracentrifugation.


As a manufacturer for hairpin filaments for electron microscopes and fine-focus X-ray systems we supply scientists, technologists and OEM customers worldwide. We offer standard types and are able to design customized solutions with you.