Now or Never: Get the last Gröpl remainders at a special discount

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Our team is still doing the cleaning and therefore we sell the remainding products from the acquisition of the company Gröpl electron microscopy at sensational prices of 1.99€. In our list you can find REM stubs, Dumont tweezers, carbon filaments, grids, storage boxes and a lot more.

Orders can be placed by phone, fax and email. Furthermore, you can also conveniently order via our online store using the contact form. If you would like to order a standard article along with one or more 'Gröpl articles', simply enter the part number in the comment field with your order.

While stocks last. Subject to prior sale. Not valid for resellers

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Some examples

Produktgruppe Gröpl-Nummer Beschreibung Aktionspreis (€) (netto)
Allgemeiner Laborbedarf E428A Kohlegarn ca. 1 mm Ø (ca. 0,7 g/m), 1 m 1,99
Allgemeiner Laborbedarf G254A Celluloseacetat, 125 µm dick, 20 Folien 1,99
Eichstandards & Testobjekte S103 Line Grating 1200 L/ 2,3 mm 1,99
Etiketten & Klebebänder G265 Aluminisiertes Band, 12 mm x 55 m, 1 Rolle 1,99
Objektträger & REM-Probenhalter 16109 Stiftprobenteller 12,5 mm Ø mit Profil 70°, 1 Stück 1,99
Objektträger & REM-Probenhalter 61-35 Graphitstäbe, spektralrein, 6,15 mm Ø x 304 mm, 12 Stück 1,99
Objektträger & REM-Probenhalter L4096-1 Deckgläser 10 mm Ø, Stärke 1, 100 Stück 1,99
Optische Hilfsmittel L4038 Eyepiece reticule with 10mm length crossed horizontal and vertical scales, subdivided into 100 x 0.1mm divisions,  Ø 21mm 1,99
TEM-Grids G2002N Athene Dünnsteg-Netzchen, Nickel, 200 mesh, 100 Stück 1,99
TEM-Grids G2220A Netzchen, Gold, 200 mesh, 50 Stück Centre Mark 1,99