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Gradient Master plus Accessories

The BioComp Gradient Master™


  • Easy and Fast
  • Highly reproducible
  • Patented tilted-tube-rotation
  • Large variety of predefined protocols
  • Durable, robust construction
  • Interchangeable tube holders for all common tube size
  • Also suitable as blotting device for Southern-, Western-
    and Northern-blots

The world‘s premier gradient forming instrument. The Gradient Master™ is now used in more than 1500 labs around the world, where it has become the gradient former of choice because of its simplicity, incredible speed and durability.

The Gradient Master™ produces six identical linear gradients in less than two minutes using the patented tilted-tube-rotation process. It is easy, fast and highly reproducible.

Many different MagnaBase™ Tube Holders and long or short caps (rate zonal / isopycnic) are available. Any tube holder comes with a registration key and includes run parameter developed by the manufacturer.

The Gradient Master™ functions also as a blotting device for Southern, Northern, Western, Chemiluminescence- and Sequencing blots. By using the patented MagnaBase™ bottles, up to 90% of the reagents are saved compared to tray systems gaining top-quality, reproducible results.

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Marker Block, MagnaBaseTM Tube Holder, Caps

MagnaBase™ Tube Holder

Sku: B105-911A-X

MagnaBase™ Tube Holder for the Gradient Master™ Base Unit. The tube holder can be magnetically attached to the the Base Unit. Each Tube size requires a separate tube Holder. Includes Run-Parameters and Marker Block.