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 HPM-010 - High Pressure Freezer (RMC)

HPM010 - High Pressure Freezer

Sku: R190000
With over 100 installations world-wide, and more than 400 scientific publications to its credit, the HPM010 is not only the pioneer of HP freezing, but the instrument of choice which allows freezing of aqueous samples up to 200µm thickness without visible ice crystal damage and without the use of cryoprotectants.
 HPM-010 - High Pressure Freezer (RMC)

RMC FS8500 Freeze Substitution System

Sku: R460000
The RMC FS8500 Freeze Substitution System is a large volume, easy access, top loading, and temperature controlled chamber for solvent substitution of cryofixed samples. The only system with specimen agitation for uniform solvent substitution and integrated LED UV light for polymerization of embedded samples for room temperature sectioning.
LN Ultra Cryosectioning System for Ultramicrotomes

LN Ultra Cryosectioning System for Ultramicrotomes

Sku: R74350-LN

The RMC LN Ultra Cryosectioning System is an advanced cryo-attachment for the RMC ultramicrotomes PT-PC, PT-PCZ, developed for cryo applications requiring high temperature stability. For Tokuyasu, cryo immuno-labeling and demanding CEMOVIS applications when ribbons of cryo sections have to be collected and transferred.

Special discount of 20% till Sept. 2018 for CR-X customers to upgrade to a LN Ultra system.

Cryo-SEM Preparation System, PP3010T

Cryo-SEM Preparation System, PP3010T

Sku: EPP3010T
The PP3010T is a cryo preparation system suitable for most makes and models of SEM, FE-SEM and FIB/SEM. The PP3010T has all the facilities needed to rapidly freeze, process and transfer specimens. The cryo preparation chamber is turbomolecular pumped and includes tools for cold fracturing, controlled sublimation and specimen coating.