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Science Services is the authorized partner of RMC Boeckeler in the D-A-CH region. We offer their entire product range. You find the full sample preparation range in the RMC Boeckeler catalog here.


RMC Boeckeler has extensive experience in the field of ultramicrotomy. Particular emphasis is placed on the continuous improvement and development in close cooperation with users in order to ensure high-quality user-friendly products and satisfied customers.


Currently particular attention is drawn on the development of the ATUMtome. An ultramicrotome with automated cutting collector for nanometer-precise 3D reconstruction of ultrathin serial sections. The ATUMtome was originally developed for neurobiology in the lab of Jeff Lichtman (Boston, Harvard). Since its introduction it has become more and more popular in various areas of ultramicrotomy.


Besides the ATUMtome, high-pressure-freezing, freeze-substitution systems, tissue processors, stainers, ultramicrotomes of the PowerTome series and rotary microtomes belong to the product highlights of RMC.


We are currently working hard to present our new products also in a digital format and endeavor to provide product information for you in our online shop as soon as possible.


We offer workshops on Cryo-ultramicrotomy and ATUMtome (Array Tomography) in the Zeiss Microscopy Labs in Munich and Oberkochen.

The next workshops will take place in April 2017. For further information please contact our technical support: workshop@scienceservices.de


Meet us and inform yourself about RMC products at the following conferences and workshops in 2017:

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If you have further questions about our products please feel free to contact us at any time at tech@scienceservices.de