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The ATUMtome* – an Automated Tape Collecting Ultramicrotome

The ATUMtome is a unique ultramicrotome with automated section collection on tape rolls. Thousands of utra-thin sections with a thickness of 30nm can be automatically collected on 8mm wide Kapton tape for SEM imaging and subsequent 3-D reconstruction. Originally designed for the collection of thousands of sections to reconstruct neuronal networks and pathways (Array Tomography).

By automating the tedious section collecting, the ATUMtome is a promising tool also for other research disciplines in biology, pathology and material science where three-dimensional image data of samples is of interest.

Article about the ATUMtome workflow and possible use - reproduced from Microscopy and Analysis ©2015 Wiley and Sons Ltd.

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*During the ‘Early Adopter Program’ the ATUMtome is currently only available for sophisticated users.

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ATUMtome – Automated Tape Collecting Ultramicrotome

ATUMtome – Automated Tape Collecting Ultramicrotome*

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The ATUMtome by RMC, a tape collecting ultramicrotome with automated section collector. Initially developed at Harvard University in the lab of Jeff Lichtman. The ATUMtome is a unique advanced system for ultrathin sectioning of resin-embedded specimens and collecting sections on tape for SEM imaging and subsequent 3-D reconstruction (Array Tomography).

*During the ‘Early Adopter Program’ recommended only for sophisticated users!