Comparative Table

Feature PTX
Controllers Tactile only   Tactile only  Computer and tactile
Computers  No  No  Yes with 546 mm touch screen
Section counter  No  On controller  Controller & monitor
Advance totalizer  No  On controller  Controller & monitor
Section thickness  5nm to 4.999nm  5nm to 9.999nm  5nm to 15.000nm
Cutting speed  0.1 - 49,9mm/sec  0.1 - 99,9mm/sec  0.1 - 99,9mm/sec
Memory channels  4  4  5
Stereomicroscope  Zeiss Stemi 2000  Zeiss Stemi 2000  Zeiss Stemi 2000
Camera  No  No  No
Video display  No  No  No
Report generator  No  No  Yes - with data base
Diagnostics & set-up  Diagnostics only  Diagnostics only  Both on computer
Help menu  No  No  Yes-on computer
Skype-based tech support  No  No  Yes-on computer
Cutting window  LED indicators  LED indicators  VisutracTM Display on monitor
Cutting window settings  Control buttons  Control buttons  Buttons & touch screen
Foot switch  No  Yes  Yes - dual, cut and trim