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Oil Ultragrade 19, 4 Liter

Oil Ultragrade 19, 4 Liter

Sku: EDH11025013

Ultragrade 19 is recommended for RV rotary vane pumps, e.g. RV 3/5/8.

Ultragrade oils are produced by a unique hydrotreating process. This process eliminates nitrogen, sulfur and oxygen and the aromatic hydrocarbons, leaving a clear base stock essentially free of impurities.

Auspuffölnebelfolter EMF10

Oil Mist Filter EMF10

Sku: EDA46226000

Mist filters capture oil mist from the outlet of pumps, which would otherwise be ejected into the atmosphere. The EMF10 mist filter is suitable for use with RV3, RV5 and RV8 pumps with connections DN25KF.

Supplied with NW25 clamp, centering ring and ‘O’ ring, NW25 to 3/4 inch BSP adaptor.