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Parafilm M

Parafilm M, roll of 76,20 m length (250")

PARAFILM® M is a laboratory film used to seal labware quickly and efficiently. The high elasticity guarantees optimal fit and protects against evaporation, contamination and hydration of bottles, flask, tubes and dishes. Used also in electron microscopy for drop staining and to pick up thin films when coating grids. Large roll with 76,2m length.

Correlative Microscopy Coverslips® CMC71 Grid Schematics

Correlative Microscopy Coverslips® - CMC71, 25 pieces

Sku: PY01ACMC71
A unique film reticle for use in Correlative Microscopy. Designed specifically to allow identification and location of a particular area of interest under brightfield or fluorescence microscopes and then sectioning for electron microscopy. 20x20 grid of 0,5mm squares, indexed 1-20 along top, A – T down the side and one centre cross.