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Super PAP Pen

Super PAP Pen Liquid Blocker

New and improved. The Super PAP Pen Liquid Blocker outperforms the original PAP Pen. The Super PAP Pen may be used at temperatures as high as 49°C. (The old style PAP Pen worked only up to 32°C). With this high temperature feature, one can now use the Super PAP Pen to perform the peroxidase-anti-peroxidase method, ABC method, and Fluorescent antibodies method with satisfactory results.
Opaque White, Extra Fine Pen, each

Opaque White, Extra Fine Pen, each

Sku: E72168-01-special

Permanently mark on nearly any surface in white color and the marking is waterproof. This pen is ideal for SEM, marking sample identification on carbon tabs, aluminum stubs, conductive tape or any similar surface. The pen contains xylene.

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Cryo Markers

Cryo Markers

For permanently marking cloth, cardboard, and plastic. It will not fade at ultra-low temperatures. Smudge-proof. Package consists of three extra fine point pens in red, blue, and black, and one standard point pen in green.

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Teeny Writer

Teeny Writer, Solvent Resistant Pen

Ideal for use on labels and matted surfaces in the histology and cytology. Teeny Writer feature an extremely durable ink , which does not dissolve even after repeated washing. Please note, that after directly treatment with solvents the markings are NOT SMEAR RESISTANT. It is recommended to air dry the slide before processing them. This product is NOT SUITABLE FOR any applications on SMOOTH SURFACES (such as glass or glossy plastic). Elimination or cleaning can be performed with acetic acid, ethanol/ xylenemixture or paraffin. We recommend a test before use.

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Manomark Pen - Allsurface Marker

Manomark Pen ™ - All Surface Marker, Assorted, black

The Manomark Pen writes on all plastic, glass, metal, wool, paper and cloth, including "PTFE", fluoropolymer resins. With its precision seal valve the pens life is preserved and as well it allows for a smooth flow of ink even if it’s left uncapped. Once dry, the solvent base ink is temperature resistant from 0°C to 155°C (32°F – 310°F) Markings are insoluble in water or hydrocarbons, resist many solvents, and are easily removed with alcohol.

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High Oacity - Paint Markers, white

High Opacity - Paint Markers, white

Constructed aluminum barrel, actuating ball and hard felt tips, these markers permanently cover nearly any surface.Weatherproof. Resistant to alcohol and acetone. Contain xylene. The "pen-like" marker (E72167-W1) writes like a pen with white ink for marking on dark surfaces, including carbon tabs, which is use in SEM specimen mounting purpose.

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