Microscope Eyepiece Reticles, Scales & Patterns (75 products in this category)

We offer a large amount of eyepiece reticles and graticule patterns from Pyser in all variations and sizes to fit all microscopes and magnifiers.

These include:
- Lines and cross-lines for alignment
- Scales and gauges for measurement
- Grids for counting and referencing
- Particle sizing to determine shape, size and quantity of materials or vapors
- Protractors for measuring angles
- Stereology for extracting quantitative information from 3D images
- Specialist patterns designed for specific applications

The eyepiece reticles are produced on 1.5mm thick optical glass. The image, which is created using a vacuum evaporated chrome process, is correct reading through the glass.

Assistance required for determining the diameter to fit your eyepiece/reticle?
We offer a measuring and fitting service. Simply send your eyepiece to us and we will check the diameter of reticle required and how it can be fitted. We supply a quote before going ahead and fitting the reticle.

NEW: We now offer 20.4mm (Olympus), 24.5mm (Leica) and 25mm (Nikon, Meiji) diameter reticles at standard prices – no need to pay a premium price for a special size

Customizable Products – We offer custom-made solutions that suit the requirements for your application. Please don’t hesitate to contact us: tech@scienceservices.de.

Please find interesting and further information about our Micrometers and Scales in our  Info-Box .

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