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The silicon wafer – a product of the semiconductor technology and microprocessor industry – is also a proven substrate for scanning electron microscopy (SEM). Due to the conductivity and the defined flat and smooth surface of silicon wafers, they are ideally suited as substrate for SEM specimen.

The advancement in the research field of scanning electron microscopy towards 3D reconstruction of tissues with EM resolution (array tomography) has created a new field of ​​application for silicon wafers. Wafers are now used as a substrate for the ATUMtome from RMC Boeckeler, a novel ultramicrotome with automated section collection of series of ultrathin sections on a tape. After section collection wafers are mounted with strips of tape to generate wafer libraries, to store the section series and to use them for subsequent data acquisition in the SEM.

Science Services has extended the product portfolio for silicon wafers and related accessories, such as transport boxes and tools for wafer cleavage in order to draw the attention to this proven and innovative substrate.

For questions regarding technical specifications and proper handling, please contact us at any time: tech@scienceservices.de

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4"-Silicon Wafer, p-doped, with single carrier

4"-Silicon Wafer, p-doped, one side polished

The silicon wafer have a diameter of 100mm and have the following approximate properties:
Doping: boron (p type); Orientation: (100,111); Thickness: app. 525µm, Resistance: <20 Ohmcm. Depending on the batch orientation, thickness or resistance may vary. The wafers are polished on one side. Wafer carrier/box included (no clean room quality).