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Dumont Tweezers Set 1

Dumont Tweezers Set 1

Sku: E72890-01
This set includes all of the fine tip Dumont tweezers made from Dumoxel steel ( Biological Grade): specifically used in the field of microscopy for all delicate and precise work. The kit includes one each of a Dumont Style 3C (72680-D), Style 3 (72690-D), Style 5 (72700-D), Style 5/15 (72708-D) and Style 7 (72800-D).
Dumont Pinzetten-Set 2--8-

Dumont Tweezers Set 2

Sku: E72890-02
5 Dumont tweezers in a fine wood display case. This set includes one each of : style #3C epoxy coated (E72682-D), Style 5A (E72720-D), style 5/45 (E72703-D), style 5AC (E72730-D) and style N5AC (E72856-D).
Dumont Pinzetten-Set--1-

Dumont Tweezers Set 3

Sku: E72891-01
Set of 7 DUMONT Dumoxel/Biology quality tweezers, includes styles #3 (E72690-D), #5 (E72700-D), #5/45° (E72703-D), #5/15° (E72708-D), #5AC (E72730-D), #N5 (E72854-D) and #7 (E72800-D), This set is ideal for ultramicrotomy work. Comes in a lightweight plastic Box, which is also separately available (E72891-BX)